Pictures from T&D Summer Finals 2023

Squash Ontario COVID-19 updates.

Please play at a level to suit your squash ability.
All Captains & club Pros should match players in the appropriate division in line with the players abilities. Players playing at a division level lower than their squash playing ability results in one sided matches, and is of no benefit to either player. Furthermore, this does not reflect the true spirit of competitive squash in the T&D.

To all Clubs & Captains ...... the DUNLOP double yellow dot ball is the official ball of the T&D Men's Squash League & must be used in all league matches.

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Before the Match
Fill in all of the following information:
Division – the category of the match being played e.g. Women's B, Men's Div 1, Masters 1, Girls Under 15, etc
Round - 1st, QF, Cons. 2nd, etc
Court – the number of the court on which the match is being played
Time - the scheduled time for the match to the nearest minute
A – the name of the first player (or team for team events), (or side for doubles)
B - the name of the second player (or team for team events), (or side for doubles
Warm-up - the actual beginning and end times of the warm-up
Date - the date the match is being played
Referee - the name of the Match Referee
Marker - the name of the Match Marker
At the top of each column - on either side of the circled game numbers, write the names (or teams or sides) of the players or "A" and "B" to correspond with Player A and Player B in the boxes above

During the Match
  • In the boxes beneath the warm-up time (labelled vertically 1 to 5), record the beginning and end times for each game
  • If the score reaches the point where a player must choose the "set", circle the option chosen at the bottom of the appropriate game column (3 and 5 are possible doubles options)
  • If any Conduct Penalties (including warnings) are issued by the referee, record the player (A or B), level of penalty (Warning, Stroke, Game, or Match), the infraction (Reason), the game number and the score at the time it happened in the table at the bottom left of the sheet. This will allow the referee to recall any prior penalties that may have been imposed
  • At the conclusion of each game, record the final score of both players under their appropriate column, and then print the game winner's name in the box underneath

After the Match
  • At the conclusion of the match, record the end time of the final game at the top, then calculate the length of the match (the difference between the start of the first game and the end of the last game, not including the warm-up, but including all intervals, both those between games and any other (e.g. injury) breaks, and record it (in minutes, round up or down) in the space provided at the bottom right of the sheet
  • Write the name of the winning player (team or side) in the space provided in the bottom right corner, and record each game score in the boxes with slashes, with the match winner’s score always on top
  • Finally, after checking the accuracy of all information, sign the sheet and return it to the tournament control desk or results section

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