Pictures from Finals April 6, 2022

Squash Ontario COVID-19 updates.

Please play at a level to suit your squash ability.
All Captains & club Pros should match players in the appropriate division in line with the players abilities. Players playing at a division level lower than their squash playing ability results in one sided matches, and is of no benefit to either player. Furthermore, this does not reflect the true spirit of competitive squash in the T&D.

To all Clubs & Captains ...... the DUNLOP double yellow dot ball is the official ball of the T&D Men's Squash League & must be used in all league matches.

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Division 3 and 4 changed to 4 players per team during COVID 2021 season - Oct 1, 2021
Captains voted for this temporary change

Division 2 changed from PAR 15 to 11 - April 1, 2019
Captains voted almost unanimously to change Division 2 scoring from PAR 15 to 11

Fit City closing doors December 31, 2017
Fit City is closing its doors December 31, 2017. T&D teams will be playing out of Master Fitness and Squash, located at 77 Davis Dr, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2M9

Club Name Change
Club Markham is under new ownership and has been renamed Unionville Athletic Club. Ed Alvarez and Richard Nicolson, have taken over the club as of December 1st, 2015

Changes introduced this Winter 2015/16 season
Masters 1 and Masters 2 have been moved back to Thursday

Changes introduced 2014/15 seasons
Masters A and Masters B have been renamed to Masters 1 and Masters 2
The FRIDAY NIGHT LEAGUE has been renamed to Division 4
Scoring remains the same for the renamed leagues
No new players may be added to a team in the last 3 matches of the regular season

Rule changes since Winter 2013-2014 season
Masters 1 & 2 age eligibility will be 40+
Masters 3 will remain 50+
Scoring for Masters 1, 2 & 3 will be PAR to 15.

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