Winter League Finals 2017-18 write-up by Dave Harrison.

Please play at a level to suit your squash ability.
The league Executive has received an increasing number of complaints of players playing at a Division level much lower than their squash playing ability, resulting in very one sided matches. This is of no benefit to either player and does not reflect the true spirit of competitive squash in the T&D. We ask that all Captains & club Pros act in the spirit of the game which matches players with reasonably similar abilities. We look forward to co-operation from all.

To all Clubs & Captains ...... the DUNLOP double yellow dot ball is the official ball of the T&D Men's Squash League & must be used in all league matches.

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BDO Toronto and District Men's Squash - Winter League Finals 2017-18

By Dave Harrison
This year the BDO T&D Men's Squash League held their winter finals on March 28th at the Mayfair Lakeshore Club. This was a great evening of squash competition with five divisions playing for the championship of their league.
An enthusiastic crowd of supporters witnessed some great squash play displayed by the teams in the finals. Divisions I through IV are five man teams playing in the ranking order of 3,5,1,4,2 while the Masters Div II played in the order 3,1,4,2.
In Division I, Mayfair Parkway were up against a strong team from Toronto Racquet Club. Both Clubs exchanged wins at the 5 and 3 positions to be tied with each other. The number ones put on a great display of squash with James Vanstavern TRC outlasting Liam Marrison 3 games to 1. However wins by the # 4 Bruce Marrison and # 2 Elliot Hunt for Mayfair Parkway sealed their team victory! Congratulations to our Div I champs from Mayfair Parkway- Liam Marrison, Elliot Hunt, Willie Hosey, Bruce Marrison and Trent Haase.
In Division II, the Granite Club were playing the team from One Health 2. After winning the first two matches, Granites #1 Arjun Gupta captured the title by defeating One Health's Mark Ducharme 3 games to 0. Well done Granite Club in your 5-0 victory as Div II champs. Arjun Gupta, Johnny Mee, Richard Thomson, Richard Usher Jones and Paul Zander.
In Division III, Mississauga Community Centres competed against rivals from Toronto Cricket Club. Sunny Sareen from MCC took the first match 3 games to 2 over his opponent Jason Facchin from Cricket in a hard fought victory! However Toronto Cricket won the next 3 matches to capture the Div III title. Well done, Jamie Herman, Sean Gillespie, Jason Facchin, David Potter and Eric Rogers.
In Division IV, Goodlife Club One Mississauga played a team from Mississauga Community Centres . These Friday nighters were highly competitive and put on a spirited battle for the title. In the end, Mississauga Community Centres were victorious winning overall 3to2. Congrats to MCC and the team of Pat Duquette, Ashfag Butt, Unib Abbas, Raj Sankar and Auston Alfonso.
Finally in the Masters Div II, Goodlife Club One were up against Master Fitness and Squash . Goodlife Club One proved too strong for their opponents and swept to the win 5 to 0 and to become Masters II champs! Well done Wayne Weston, Rudy Goodridge, Raj Sankar and Bruce Seo.
We would like to express our gratitude to our main sponsor BDO Canada for their continued support of the Toronto and District Men's Squash League. Karakal and Soho Mortgage have also added their support to the efforts to make this a successful squash league. Thanks to the referees who kindly and fairly made the evening run smoothly. Our hosts, Mayfair Lakeshore and Barb Cooper and staff did an outstanding job in providing a super venue and welcoming atmosphere for the finals. Thanks to Team Captains for their contributions and input over the league season. Lastly, Andrew Laidlaw and Squashnut for his technical support and web expertise. Our final words are for Gord Robertson and John Varley, who for over thirty years have contributed to the success of the T&D League. They have officially retired from the T&D Exec and their long service and many contributions have shaped the success of this League and made it one of the best in North America! See you at the Summer Finals !
Dave Harrison Secretary / Treasurer T&D Squash.

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